Mark Selby

A magento website

A very complex website that handles a lot of data and a lot of variables. Infiniti Group Australia needed an online ordering portal and app, but had 4 locations with 4 warehouses and different product offerings in each state. In addition a raft of customer contract pricing added an additional dimension.

IGAU home page

Wholesale Login

The behind the scenes logic required meant that the multi site feature Magento has was ideal to run a website per warehouse and sandwhich all the sites together. Each customer can then be assigned to a site, product range and customer group pricing.

ios and android app

Magento also has the ability to use a plugin and site logic to run an app. In this case Simicart was used and adapted to offer ios and android apps for phones and tablets, using the complex logic built into the Magento backend. This method is very cost efffective, with the app component delivered at around $3k.

Magento Website