Mark Selby

Betty Chetcuti

The look and feel of this website was of prime importance. We identified in early discussions that to appeal to the Betty Chetcuti avatar/persona the website would need a calm and welcoming feel. The comfortable psychiatrist’s couch and call to action on the home page helped meet the above brief.

Betty Chetcuti

Peek Visual

The owner of Peek Visual wanted a website that could be easily updated with photos of completed work. The solution was to use an insta plugin with WordPress – now a photo is uploaded to insta on the owners phone and it’s automatically added to the website. A great solution that everyone loves!

Peek Visual Insta
Drone Footage


The site was built from scratch and included sorting out hosting issues, obtaining an SSL certificate, wordpress install and then configuring plugins. The fun part of the site (the design) was put together using Elementor. The link below will take you to the site if you wish to have a look. More practice is needed flying a drone!

copy, cta's & Leads

All copy and call to actions on this site have been written by me – working on taking the customer to the “after” my favourite is the one pictured. “We look forward to standing with you and admiring what, together we have achieved” –  I believe this will have a strong conversion rate. However this is to be tested. Google site kit has been installed with Google Analytics. The site has been designed with a call to action on most of the pages above the fold. This is in preparation for a lead generation campaign.